About us


Karen started teaching shortly after having her first child 12yrs ago, at the time Karen was a primary school teacher in Carlisle and took to teaching babies and toddlers part-time on a weekend. 


Through the years the classes have grown on the back of Karen's hard work and commitment to every aspect of the business which she now concentrates on full-time having given up teaching.

The Classes

Our classes have a maximum of 8 pupils with a qualified teacher always accompanying children in the pool.

At the end of each stage children receive a certificate to encourage them and let them know what they have achieved.


Teaching water safety skills to babies from a very young age will:

  • Equip baby with vital life-saving skills

  • Build your baby's heart and lungs

  • Improve strength and stamina

  • Encourage agility and co-ordination

  • Help your baby relax

  • Stimulate awareness and alertness

  • Help baby be more confident

  • Strengthen the relationship between parent and baby

Most importantly we want the children to learn to swim in a warm, safe and fun environment!