Dedicated to teaching children
to swim confidently and safely


Baby & Toddler Swimmers


Baby and Toddler Swimmers started over 12yrs ago with the  focus to teach babies and toddlers from 6 weeks old to 3 years old, to be safe and confident in the water and to have fun.


Classes are focused on specific skills that the children and parents will learn and they already have an affinity with the

water after spending 9 months in the womb.


Parents are encouraged to be in the pool with their babies, strengthening the bond between them alongside a qualified instructor at all times.


Carlisle Swim School


Carlisle Swim School follows on from Baby and Toddler Swimmers taking children from school age and beyond...


These classes progress the children onto the next step in their swimming ability, children are in the pool on their own with the instructor.

Underwater Photos by Underwater Photographic


Come and capture your baby or toddler in our amazing underwater photographic sittings. Images of the babies and toddlers underwater with their eyes open and surrounded by bubbles are captivating. 


We use the latest in underwater cameras and lighting to produce the highest quality images. We also use the latest in scuba diving equipment so we are able to stay down during the photo shoot. All images are airbrushed and quality checked and are available as loose prints or various products. 


This is specialized photography and we can not guarantee photos of your baby or toddler every time. If your baby or toddler does not have a successful photo shoot, are booking will be arranged. Most underwater photographic shoots follow a course with your baby by the way of a submersion course and swimming techniques.